This is the last of the Dog and cat beds I have for now
 I bought some fabric that is used to make car seats..nice and thick and comfy and used it on the backs of some of my Dog beds..My Dogs Love it. This is another piece of the plush fleece I have used and it measures about 30 x 20. This one is tied like a quilt and you can't see the ties from either side. Selling for $19.00
 Same as the one above but measures about 29 x 21 and selling for $18.00
 This one is huge and could even be used for a lap blanket...It is tied just like the ones above and the back is off white..not bright white. Measures about 36 x 30 and sells for $24,00
 This is another very soft plush Fleece and has black soft fleece on the back. Measures about 34 x 35 and sells for $25.00
 Another red bed with paw prints fleece fabric. Has the thick backing that makes it very plush and comfortable. Measures about 24 x 22 and sells for $16.00

This is a nice set and would make a great Christmas gift for someone that might be getting a dog for Christmas or maybe just got 1. There is a bed made from Flannel with Flannel on the back that is black and measures about 28 x 17 1/2 with matching Dog dish mat that measures about 18 x 13 and is machine stitched in the middle for durability. Can be washed and dried in machine. There is also a dog dish with 2 sides...a dog collar size med (10- 16" and is 5/8" wide. A red heart dog toy that has "My Toy" stitched on it and a dog bone shape treat holder with a new pkg of Dog treats . I am selling the set for $23.00

More Pet Beds

More Pet Beds for your favorite Fur Babies
 This is another very soft Fleece bed with baby blue Flannel on the back. Measures about 27 1/2 x 38...Selling for $24.99 check other beds for more info
 Dark Blue bed with fleece print of Dog Bones and Paw prints. Has Baby Blue Flannel on the back. Has been tied with emb floss like a traditional quilt. Measures about 29 x 32. selling for $23.00

 Another very soft fleece Bed with Big Paw prints and has soft fleece black on the back. Measures about 35 X 35 and selling for $24.00. It also has emb floss ties like a quilt
 This bed has cotton dog print on top and soft beige fleece on the back ...Has been top stitched across the middle for durability. Measures about 15 x 25 and sells for $13.00
 Homespun fabric on top with American Flag print and I have added a prim stitched tag that says  God Bless America. I have 2 like this and they measure about 30 x 22 and have soft fabric on the back...selling for $17.00@

 I just Love this print and I Love Red. This is very soft fleece on top with Dogs print and has a red fleece fabric on the back. Measures about 27 X 29" and sells for $22.00
Nice cotton print with Dog's and Cats. Has Brown flannel with dots on the back. Has quilt batting inside and has been tied with emb floss for durability. Measures about 31 1/2 x 20 and sells for $16.00